Georgis Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery | Rockford, IL


For those women and men with loose abdominal skin and fatty deposits, Dr. Georgis offers abdominoplasty, or tummy-tuck surgery. A tummy tuck can greatly improve the shape of the body, giving patients firmer, flatter abdomens. In addition to removing excess skin and fat, Dr. Georgis also tightens the abdominal muscles for additional support and better formation of a waist. The final result will be a sleeker, healthier physicque that appears natural.

Many of our patients have reported feeling more comfortable in their clothing and more confident about their overall appearance following tummy tuck surgery. Dr. Georgis was the first in the Rockford area to use implantable pain pumps for post operative pain control in tummy tuck procedures — his patients have benefited from this breakthrough with significantly less post-operative discomfort and a quicker return to normal daily activities